Zelica Films, a small production company who have produced 10 feature length films, are now able to offer a range of actor showreel packages including showreels 'from scratch'.

£150 to edit existing material, including from DVD, VHS, youtube downloads, existing stills and other files.

£250 to edit existing material as above, with additional filming with one or two actors.

£400 to create a showreel from scratch, shooting with two additional actors to support you. Half a day's filming.

£500 'The complete package'. Showreel from scratch and stills session. 

           All with 3 copyable DVD's and a HD uploading file.

£150 A three hour stills session (head shots and portraits) at various locations with various outfits. CD supplied.




Showreels to be previewed on youtube where actors will be able to suggest improvements.

Filming to take place in the Eastbourne/Brighton area or an extra £80 to shoot in the London area.


Updating of showreels with newly supplied material for existing customers £30.



sample showreel

2nd sample showreel 

3rd sample showreel 


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